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Welcome to Woodside Farm
the home of premium quality Kentish Air-Dried Oak Smoked Lamb

Located in the glorious, lush Weald of Kent, we use the highest quality lamb, reared here on the farm to bring you this distinctive new gourmet food. 

Our air dried lamb has been cured and infused with our unique marinade, containing a special blend of herbs, and is lightly cold smoked with oak from our own woodland.

Woodside's Kentish Air-Dried Oak Smoked Lamb has a sweet distinctive flavour and is best served thinly sliced. Delicious as a starter or main course, it can be served as a dried meat platter, antipasti or on a bed of peppery rocket accompanied by a good quality balsamic dressing. It is also appetizing as a canapé on crusty bread with sliced gherkins.

An average joint weighs approximately 500g and can be sent by next day delivery, either as a whole joint or sliced.

For further information or to place an order, please visit our Woodside Fine Meat website.

Woodside Lamb - 'Kent's answer to Parma Ham'.


Premium quality oak smoked Lamb from Woodside Farm, Benenden.
Dark crimson meat marinated
for extra flavour - Oak smoked
lamb from Woodside Farm


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